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  1. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    IFACI Webinar

    – April 2020

    On April 7, Xavier led a webinar with 20 members of the French Internal Auditors Club on “Which proposals to make to the managers and to the audit committee in a period of crisis?”

  2. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    INSEAD IN-Board

    – March 2020

    Xavier led two case studies on March 5 at the INSEAD IN-Board Academy. The topic of the day was “Risk management at the level of the board and the audit committee”.

  3. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    IIA Belgium

    – December 2019

    On December 10, Xavier led – with the Belgian Institute of Internal Auditors – a master class for the auditors of the Belgian Federal Government. “What does the audit committee expect from us? “

  4. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    INSEAD Webinar

    – November 2019

    On November 20, Xavier co-led an INSEAD webinar on “The expanding responsibilities for boards and audit committees. Are the audit committees up to the task?”

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