This was the theme of the webinar organized by Xavier BEDORET on Monday, December 13 with about twenty INSEAD IDN and IN-Board Alumni.

Caroline de CARTIER (TeachforBelgium and IECD) and Xavier COIRBAY (Fédération Francophone de Gymnastique) highlighted some specific challenges within their boards. The debate was moderated by Erik WEYTJENS, founder and director of, an association that reinforces purpose and performance for non-profit organizations through board companionship, training and support.

Some of the topics we have tackled:

  • The need to renew the profiles of directors based on an analysis of the skills and knowledge currently useful to the organization;
  • The difficulty of mobilizing talent that matches the organization’s societal ambitions;
  • The board’s focus on strategic, organizational and oversight issues, without restricting the day-to-day management carried out by the executives;
  • The optimal level of training and knowledge of the directors allowing them to be the right level of decision-makers;
  • The management of the debate between volunteer directors animated by strong convictions and a strong sense of purpose;
  • The composition of the general assembly and the legitimacy of its members, unconditional supporters of the association and ultimately accountable.

Through our commitment in the non-profit sector, we contribute 5% of the national wealth and mobilize 12% of the active population. These figures justify the strengthening of governance in our organizations.

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