Learning through role-play

"An immersion in a business case"

This meeting simulation aims to highlight the diversity and the complexity of the topics covered during audit committee meetings, and to contribute to efficient meeting management.

Will you be able to reach a consensus on the agenda items to be presented to the board of directors?

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An exciting exchange program for directors

“Finding inspiration from peers”

Governeo offers chairs and members of audit committees from different companies the opportunity to invite each other to participate in their audit committee meetings.

Participating in the committee meeting of another company is an effective way to assimilate a vast array of lessons.

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Assessment of your audit committee practice

"Benchmarking your committee’s efficiency and compliance"

Governeo accompanies the audit committee in a self-evaluation designed to assess its functioning and determine areas for improvement.

Get ready to strengthen the work of the audit committee and its impact in your company.

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Challenging the capabilities of your audit committee

"A focus on your extended role and responsibilities"

The audit committee members are required to revise their method for carrying out the mission entrusted to them by the board.

Governeo helps you to better understand the extended scope of your responsibilities, the specific approach to apply to new areas, and the key features of their set up.

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Building better dialogue with your control functions

"Explaining what you want to hear"

The Audit Committee enriches its work through regular dialogue with the company’s various controllers.

Governeo assists you in clarifying and strengthening this crucial relationship through effective workshops.

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Key benefits

Raising the technical skills and leadership of board members

Transforming the committee towards a high performing team

Improving the governance to support the company’s challenges

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