The principle

  • The participant is invited to the meeting of another company as an observer
  • As a guest, he/she learns by observation and draws on methods and techniques that seem useful to him/her
  • The inviting and the invited party share their experiences and exchange good practices
  • A reciprocal invitation and visit are planned

The prerequisites

  • Candidate companies operate in non-competitive sectors
  • Guests sign a non-disclosure agreement

The process


The benefits

  • Inexpensive educational approach that requires little preparation
  • Ability to exchange good practices between different industries and cultures

They also trusted us


As a director, I am largely engaged in activities of which I no longer notice the inconsistencies and biases. I try to improve the way I work, hold meetings and make decisions, but I can’t do it because of a lack of perspective.


The directors’ exchange program designed by Governeo gave me the opportunity to discover a professional environment that is different from mine and to learn other board practices, such as in brainstorming.


By simply observing a meeting managed in an industrial and cultural setting different from mine, I discovered inspiring ideas that could be transposed into my own professional environment.

How? What?

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