The profile of the participants is: board members, CFOs, risk managers and auditors wishing to enhance their leadership.

Before the exercise

The participants receive the documents two weeks in advance. It takes four hours to study the documents. A briefing call is organized by the trainer during the week preceding the exercise.

During the exercise

The meeting of the audit committee lasts for 90 minutes and is under the full control of the chairperson. The program of the meeting consists in running through the agenda. It is followed by a 30 minute debriefing session lead by the trainer.

After the exercise (optional)

A deeper debriefing session covers team dynamics, governance matters, duties of audit committees, financial and non-financial topics, etc.

This exercise may be followed by complementary collective training or individual coaching sessions.


They also trusted us


I participate in board meetings that often prove to be ineffective, tedious and frustrating. Is this due to the length of the meetings or the complexity of the items considered? Or is the cause the behavior of the participants? I don’t know, and my efforts seem to be in vain.


The Riverflow role-play offered me the opportunity to be an actor in a meeting and to manage the various elements of it: agenda, timing, technicality of the topics, personalities of the participants, etc. The debriefing session helped me understand how to conduct a meeting and to decipher what hasn’t been said.


Participating in a role-play scenario allowed me to live out the stress, lack of comprehension, nervousness, and other emotions experienced during highly formatted meetings, while in a controlled environment. The lessons learnt from the group and through individual discussions were keys to unlock my personal performance.

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