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Today, companies experience a major societal, digital and organizational revolution. In the wake of corporate change, Governeo supports boards of directors and audit committees that are invited to speed up their transformation towards greater relevance, agility and impact.

What is Governeo? 

What we do

We transform audit committees

We strive to make your company’s board and audit committee more effective. Governeo supports the audit committee’s transformation through the implementation of various tailor-made learning techniques.

We share insights on governance

We encourage dialogue with peers and the sharing of expertise. At the heart of a network of advisors from the business and the academic worlds, we comment on the news, we interview experts and we lead debates and seminars.

Our work

I participate in board meetings that prove to be ineffective, tedious and frustrating. Is this due to the length of the meetings or the complexity of the items considered? Or is the cause the behavior of the board members? I don’t know, and my efforts to date haven’t made a difference.

Interested in playing the game?

As a director, I am largely engaged in activities of which I no longer notice the inconsistencies, biases and rituals. I try to improve the way I work, make decisions and hold meetings but I can’t do it for lack of perspective.

Venture into new practices

As the chairwoman of an audit committee, I tend to schedule meetings according to a traditional agenda that works for all of our committee members. Due to a lack of curiosity and objectivity, I fear that our meetings are not up to scratch.

Do you want to evaluate and benchmark your practice?

I have noticed that the areas of intervention of our audit committee are increasing. The regulator and the board of directors delegate a greater variety of matters to us. Do we have the skills to deal with all of these new issues?

Discover the extended spectrum of your responsibilities

When I listen to the risk manager’s report on the annual risk assessment, I sometimes get the impression that we are not talking about the same company. Do we have a common understanding of the risk appetite, emerging risks and priorities? How can we create a common language and a consensus on this subject?

Discover how to manage your controllers

“Leadership is also about influence and leverage. We have developed five learning options for transforming you and your committee in an inspiring and engaging way”

– Xavier Bedoret, Governeo

Our network

Governeo is a network of advisors connected to two worlds: the business world and the academic world. By combining these two worlds, we engage collective intelligence in providing our clients with an innovative approach. Our aim is to support corporate transformation and better risk management.

Our usual partners are:

  • Board of directors & audit committees
  • Corporate leaders
  • Next generation leaders
  • Professional firms
  • Professional associations
  • Universities and researchers
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