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  1. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    What are the governance challenges in non-profit organizations?

    – December 2021

    Some of the topics we have tackled: The need to renew the profiles of directors based on an analysis of the skills and knowledge currently useful to the organization; The difficulty of mobilizing talent that matches the organization’s societal ambitions; The board’s focus on strategic, organizational and oversight issues, without restricting the day-to-day management carried […]

  2. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    We learn by playing

    – November 2021

    15 participants, most of them certified by the Moroccan Institute of Directors, played a meeting of the Audit Committee of the company Riverflow. This exercise was facilitated by Xavier Bedoret from Governeo. It took place on November 3 at the Sofitel Hotel in Rabat.

  3. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    The way we should talk to them

    – October 2021

    Chief Audit Executives may have difficulties making themselves understood by the board members. Are they biased? Are they preoccupied with ideas that are obstacles to effective communication?

  4. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    The way you should talk to us

    – October 2021

    What do the members of the Audit committee want to hear from the Chief Audit Executive?
    They sit together around the same boardroom table, but the profiles, attitudes, and motivations of the two parties are not the same.

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