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  1. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    Riverflow – A meaningful role-play

    – June 2021

    This Wednesday, June 23, a dozen participants, most of them certified by the Moroccan Institute of Directors, played a meeting of the audit committee of the company RIVERFLOW. This exercise was facilitated by Xavier BEDORET of GOVERNEO. It took place at the MUNDIAPOLIS University in Casablanca.

  2. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    INSEAD Webinar

    – June 2021

    16 members of the INSEAD IDN network joined a webinar on June 16, 2021 to discuss the Latest trends in Belgian and International Boards.

  3. #WeGatherTheThoughts

    The auditor, perhaps a travel guide

    – June 2021

    When organizing a trip, a guide does not decide alone on the program, the visits, and the accommodation. They consult with the clients, inform them of the “must-dos” and ensure a trouble-free trip. Could the same be said about the auditor and the audit mission?

  4. #WeGatherTheThoughts

    Providing assurance is a combined effort

    – May 2021

    As organizations become more complex and risk management activities multiply, assurance functions have a significant opportunity to coordinate their often-fragmented work streams, simplify reporting and streamline oversight. “We identified about 10 control functions in this company and all of them claimed there was no overlap”.

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