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  1. #WeGatherTheThoughts

    In the public interest

    – September 2020

    The public sector is heavily solicited in these turbulent times. Shouldn’t it go through a readiness test to check its ability to manage digitalization, green leadership, mass customization and debt pressure?

  2. #WeGatherTheThoughts

    What really counts

    – August 2020

    In this period of pandemic, the financial statements of companies are shaken by a real storm. However, in analyzing the balance sheet and profit and loss account, are boards and audit committees focusing on everything that really counts?

  3. #WeGatherTheThoughts

    We did not see it coming

    – July 2020

    The arrival and subsequent impact of the current coronavirus crisis has taken many organizations and states unawares. This phenomenon can be best explained as the appearance of a metaphorical “black swan”. The theory goes that human beings will assume that, because all the swans they have seen in their life are white, all swans must be white …

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