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    The controlled controller

    – October 2020

    “Statutory auditors must do a better job and must be better controlled”, says the European Commission as it designs a stricter professional framework for audit firms. It also requires that audit committees be more involved in verifying the independence and quality of the audit work. Are audit committees trained for this task and ready to take on this responsibility?

  2. #WeGatherTheThoughts

    In the public interest

    – September 2020

    The public sector is heavily solicited in these turbulent times. Shouldn’t it go through a readiness test to check its ability to manage digitalization, green leadership, mass customization and debt pressure?

  3. #WeGatherTheThoughts

    What really counts

    – August 2020

    In this period of pandemic, the financial statements of companies are shaken by a real storm. However, in analyzing the balance sheet and profit and loss account, are boards and audit committees focusing on everything that really counts?

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