15 participants, most of them certified by the Moroccan Institute of Directors, played a meeting of the Audit Committee of the company Riverflow. This exercise was facilitated by Xavier Bedoret from Governeo. It took place on November 3 at the Sofitel Hotel in Rabat.

A big thank you to Maurice Riviere for the coordination of this event.

What did we experience and learn together ?

  • TRAINING –  mastering the topics of the Audit Committee
  • DEBATING –  ensuring the quality of exchanges
  • DECIDING –  fulfilling our duty of director
  • REPORTING – expressing our recommendations to the Board of Directors

How can the Audit Committee be more useful to the company and more compliant with current regulations?

GOVERNEO offers you :

  • Thematic workshops : finance for non-financials, risk management fundamentals, dialogue with external auditors, basics of internal control.
  • Technical workshops with control players : internal auditor, risk manager, business controller.
  • Self-assessment of your audit committee enriched with international good practices
  • Meeting simulations to learn through role-play and improve the efficiency of your meetings.
  • Individual coaching sessions.
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