We ran a simulation of an audit committee meeting on March 31 with 10 participants of the #EMBA programme from @BMI Executive Institute in Vilnius (Lithuania).

For 90 minutes, the chairman and his five directors debated with the CFO, the statutory auditor, and the internal auditor while dealing with complex topics.

This practical activity showed how important it is to study the data in advance, to be trained on specific technical issues, and to be able to express your vision clearly in order to reach a consensus eventually.

Time flies, we feel we are losing focus. Are we making the right decisions? I don’t dare to express a conflicting opinion” – that’s how this whole experience was described by the participants.

At the end of the meeting, Xavier highlights the major learning points of this session. What are the next steps? Workshops on technical topics, sharing the experience on governance issues or individual coaching.

Thanks to @Jurga Bendikaité-Ursavas, @Austéja Andziulytè-Milasiuniené, @Kotryna Norkeviciuté, and @Ieva Kakneviciuté from BMI for organizing this session. We are progressing in the training of board members who will be the promoters of the efficient management of growing companies in the near future.

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