We played a simulation of a board meeting with 36 participants of the HEC Paris Executive MBA Program. It was on June 22 and 23 in Frankfurt.

For 90 minutes, the chairperson and 3 directors discussed with the management team the strategic issues, the worrying evolution of the KPI’s as well as the unfunded budget.

This genuine meeting demonstrated how important it is to be well prepared by studying the files in advance, to master the main operational data, and to express oneself clearly in order to reach a consensus.

Two thoughts among others:

  • “Are we in a supportive or challenging attitude of the management team?”
  • “The atmosphere of the meeting is serene, open and constructive, 3 factors of success.”

At the end of the meeting, Xavier highlights the major learning points of this session. We emphasize the essential role of the chairperson in setting the scene, reformulating the topics, and maintaining the pace of the meeting. We recall the duties of the board who is the ultimate steering and decision-making body in the organization.

What are the next steps? Write a personal development program, participate in technical workshops, or engage in coaching to strengthen your future impact as a director.

Thanks to Georg WERNICKE and his team for organizing this amazing bootcamp.

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