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  1. The Chair's Agenda

    In March, the accounts are closed

    – March 2022

    The Board of Directors is responsible for closing the annual accounts. It entrusts the Audit Committee with the bulk of the work prior to this task. The Audit Committee does not carry out this work on its own but relies heavily on the services of the Statutory Auditors, who are the Audit Committee’s key contacts.

  2. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    Lab IN-Board

    – March 2022

    “Risk, Control and Audit” was the theme of a lab organized by Jean-Charles UYTTENHOVE, leader of the INSEAD Alumni IN-Board program in Belgium, and hosted by EY Belgium.

  3. #WeTalkToProfessionals

    Internal Audit Workshop – 3 Pressing Expectations of the Audit Committee

    – March 2022

    “Jump on the digitalization bandwagon, cooperate with the other control functions, and rebalance your time” were the key messages of this workshop.
    Xavier was invited on February 25, 2022 by Verra Marmalidou (President), Effie Kokka (CEO) and Solomon Makis (Training) of the Greek Institute of Internal Auditors to lead a workshop on this subject.

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